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Carpet Bleeding and Packaging Machine

Our machine is a new generation product produced in cooperation with TÜBİTAK. Our machine, which is produced in European standards, has quality certificates such as CE - ISO - OHSAS. Depending on the use of carpets in homes, it is impossible for carpet piles not to wear out. In order for the carpets to have a livelier and more lively appearance, our recommendation is the necessity of the pile removal process, which is the last step before packaging.

Since our Packaging and Fluffing Machine has an easily controllable panel, you will be able to convey your work faster and more practically. In addition, you will be able to easily control the speed of the conveyor belt of your machine, the pressure of the vacuum tool and the tracking speed, and the pressure of the upper scanning brush.

bleeding packaging machine.png

The biggest factor of your machine is to comb the carpet piles and to clean the hair, fluff, dust and similar unwanted materials between the carpet piles with the vacuum system with a power of 6000 m3. Despite the carpet being washed, unwanted substances hidden in the piles are easily found in an effective and practical solution thanks to the brushes in the vacuum system and accumulate in the dust bag. Thanks to the upper combing brush, which is our second unit, which is one of the final processes in our machine, the carpet piles are combed and the piles look more alive and lively.

Bleeding and Packaging Machine 2.70 cm

Bleeding and Packaging Machine 3.20 cm

Bleeding and Packaging Machine 4.20 cm

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