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Carpet Spinning Machine

Our machine, produced in European standards, has quality certificates such as CE - ISO - OHSAS. This process, which is the first thing to be done after the carpets are washed, is realized by giving the carpet to the machine in the right direction and in the right time. In this way, approximately 10% moisture will remain on the carpets coming out of your machine. A control panel has been created with SCHNEIDER brand automation inside the panel and a time relay has been placed so that your machine can stop at the set time without any intervention in order to facilitate your work. The fact that it will stop at the set time will save you time, so you will be able to deal with the carpets coming out of your washing machine.

carpet wrapping machine.png

The vibration of the drum, which rotates at an average speed of 1120 revolutions per minute, in the machine will be reduced to the minimum level with the bellows system and will ensure that the machine has a more accurate efficiency and a longer life. Thanks to the speed control system, it will work from slow to fast, from fast to slow during take-offs and stops, which will extend the life of the machine and its components.

One of the most important aspects of your crimping machine is the thickness of the sheet used and the weight of the machine. According to the information we have obtained as a result of our R&D and innovation studies, the sensitivity of the machine will decrease day by day and will be damaged, especially in your intense work, if the required weight of material is not used on the chassis of the machine, although it varies according to the carpet and size.

Carpet Wrapping Machine 2.70 cm

Carpet Wrapping Machine 3.20 cm

Carpet Wrapping Machine 4.20 cm

Other Machines for Carpet Cleaning Facility

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