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As Ennur we visualize production as a process well beyond the creation of a product but rather as an opportunity to create value and benefits to ensure comfort in life. We interpret the production process as such and create quality in addition to the product from the beginning of the whole process to the end.

We have adopted the following principles to ensure that we sustain reliability; achieving high quality production, timely delivery, fast and efficient service support as well as suitable pricing and innovative service understanding to be able to gain the confidence of our clients.

    • To provide information to the clients in regards to the developments in the sector,

    • To consider customer satisfaction as our primary concern where our production, service understanding and activities are concerned,

    • To increase our productivity and decrease the costs and waste to be able to sustain our image and reliability, 

    • To continuously improve our quality,

    • To improve our system on a continuous basis in line with the demands made by our customers, personnel and sector as well as the developing circumstances,

    • To conform to the developing conditions by following the technological developments,

    • To be in cooperation with our suppliers and customers in regards to improving quality,


    • To respect the environment and to act diligently to ensure that the environment is protected where our production

activities are concerned. 

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