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Silo Storage Systems

Flat Based Silos

For all types of grain storage needs, projects are accordingly initiated and galvanized steel silos as well as carrier equipments are manufactured with the use of high technology utilizing high-quality materials, superior technology computer automation system and product development / design department. 

High quality galvanized sheets used in silo production are resistant to 450 MPA tension and rust. Galvanization standart of sheets specially produced for our silos are 450 gr / m2 and 350 gr / m2. Galvanization rate changes according to silent requirements.

Offers to you flat base steel silo options ranging from 4,51 m diameter to 31,60 m diameter with storage capacity from 50 tons to 15.000 tons respectively.

Conical Based Silos

Conical base steel silos for grain storage have multi-purpose use. Conical base silos are produced within a range of 45 - 65 degrees base angle according to the flow characteristics of the grain stored.

Conic based silos containing different types of grain can be used in cattle farms, animal feed and flour production facilities. Additionally it is ideally suited for short term and transitionary grain storage. Sides, supports and entry doors are manufactured from galvanized steel sheets. Conical base is very strong as a result of steel construction.

Offers you 2,11 m diameter to 10,38 m diameter conical base silo options with storage capacity 5 tons and 1,600 tons respectively.

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