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Spunbond Layer

Due to its multi-layered structure, it has allergen and dust retaining properties up to 99.8% up to 3 microns (about 50 - 70 microns for human hair). Since its texture is synthetic, it is not affected by water and moisture.

Spunbond (interlining) is a type of textile fabric that is obtained from 100% polypropylene raw material used in a wide variety of applications in the textile industry and is defined as non-woven (non-woven: non-woven, non-woven or felt-like).

Fully recyclable spunbond fabric is resistant up to 90 ° C. Interlining fabrics are available in hydrophobic (waterproof) and hydrophilic (water-retaining) types. In addition, resistance to sunlight can be increased with additional additives that will provide UV resistance. Spunbond fabrics have antibacterial properties and can be produced in any color from 8 grams to 200 grams.

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